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Helping Businesses Fly

A fresh approach to the same questions… as we help your business ask the right questions.


A logo isn’t a brand, but a great logo is the start of one.


Functional and well thought-out user experiences.

Business Development

Remove repetitive processes with workflows and automation – do what you do best.

Enterprise Level Providers – Always!

Everything that you would expect as standard is built into our work by default. In extension to this we understand that customers need to be able to take over or hand over work to and from us easily. That’s why we only use reputable companies for software and services that we offer.

We also understand that your business has (sometimes longstanding) relationships with providers. That’s why, we are willing to work with your preferred hosting/email providers, existing printers and photographers to achieve a similar end result as we would if we handled all of these things for you.

Business Support

Why Astley+

       And Not Just Astley Marketing Ltd?

After 15 years of helping businesses at various stages of growth, it would be unfair to state that we just do marketing! We doubt that theres an industry that we haven’t spoken to and helped in some way.

When you’ve spoken with our team, you’ll see that we aren’t the same as most design agencies. We pull apart the question and get behind your business. We’re an extra team member – An extra designer – An extra consultant – An extra mentor to new businesses.

We see the + symbol everywhere these days, but we got in there early. So why a plus? If we listed everything, we’d never be finishsed!

Digital &
Print Design

Seamless digital & print

Custom Web-development
User Focused Tools

Online Stores

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App Development

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Server Maintenance

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Custom User-flows

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API Integrations

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Search Engine Optimisation

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About Us

Get To Know More About Astley+

Astley Marketing is a small team of designers and developers based in south Leicestershire. With over 15 years of experience, our team can handle any scale of project, utilising AI tools for efficiency, bringing in external contractors for specialist work and applying first-hand experience in setup for print or server maintenance.
We work closely with you and your team to advise on future pitfalls ahead of time, to get the most from all works.

Office Therapy Dog

Years of Team Experience

Customer Sales

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Design for Print

The cost of print has fallen drastically over the last decade and the options are vast. Whether you need a simple leaflet or a full glossy prefect-bound booklet we can provide an end-to-end service – should you need it!


Even the best product is nothing without some form of marketing. Be it offline or online advertising we can assist in presenting a clean and unified message across all mediums and platforms.

Design for Web

If you need a website with or without the functionality of eCommerce then our team can provide a solution. With extensive experience with WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and many more bespoke PHP-based systems, we can take the stress and time out of setting up your online presence.


Pick the right platform, add our expertise, include some of the hidden clever stuff and you’ll never look back. We love eCommerce, it’s something to get our teeth into.


Anything is possible, and while there are plenty of plugins, platforms and extensions to build and enhance your online offering, there are times where functionality, security, ownership, support and cost concerns mean that having a bespoke system is the best option. If you have an idea, talk to our team and we can make suggestions to suit your budget.

SEO and Content

Content and search engine optimisation come hand-in-hand. With high-quality informative content, that contains the keywords, you will gain interest from the search engines. SEO is about making your website easy to navigate for those search engines, and while search engines try to mimic real users, to put the right answer in front of real users you need to ensure that the site runs fast and is accessible on all devices.

Elevate Your Business With Astley+

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Astley Marketing Ltd. 13 Gorham Rise, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire LE9 6QR.

Registered company number: 07079050.
Registered in England and Wales.

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